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Gracious Words by Gus Bondi!!

More snippets from the 25th ISA Event in Lakeside, OH in 2006. Immediately following Gus’s loss to Robbie Robinson, a member of the Brazilian Team, I talked with Gus to get his reaction:  Stan; “OK Gus, you just lost a … Continue reading

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Japanese Men Finished 2nd!!

Sam Allen, Mr. Shuffle, e-mailed me just prior to the commencement of the 25th ISA and offered this advice: “In case you bet on sporting events, put your loonies (Canadian Dollar Coin) on the Japanese. This will be their year!” … Continue reading

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Perfect Example To Promote Shuffleboard!!!

I will take you to a link > in just a moment.  The link is to a newspaper article regarding Jack Thorne’s ENTHUSIASM, Jack Thorne’s ANNOUNCEMENT that he will be representing Canada at the 32nd ISA World Championship in St … Continue reading

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Earl Ball Really Does Have A Humble Side!!!

The ever eloquent Earl Ball demonstrates that he is also capable of humility ~~ just listen to his interview with THE SHUFFLER: “I am speaking with Earl Ball at Lakeside, OH; it is a beautiful sunny day, and believe it … Continue reading

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Shuffleboard Bob; Have You Met HIm??

Some of you may have met Bob Zaletel ~~ better known as SHUFFLEBOARD BOB, for the first time at the 25th ISA in Lakeside.  Bob, perhaps more than any other person I have met, personifies shuffleboard.  Always positive, always maintaining … Continue reading

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Check Out This Brazil Website!!

Bernar Borges is a Vice President of the Brazilian Shuffleboard Assn.  He also operates their BLOG effectively!!  I am going to give you a link to the  site.  When the site opens, look in the top right, and click on the word … Continue reading

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From the Archives of The Shuffler. The 25th ISA, Lakeside, OH

Report #2 from the 25th ISA held in Lakeside, OH!!  Posted in Category ISA.  Click on pix to expand. We began with the official opening on the shores of Lake Erie in the Lakeside Complex.  Participating countries marched in; each proceeded … Continue reading

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