How Do You Access Stan’s Slide Shows??

First, a review/explanation of how easy it is to view the Slide Shows.  Each time I post a Slide Show, I enter the name of the Slide Show in the Category Slide Shows.  Therefore if you wish to access a Slide Show, go to the Categories (lower right of screen); scroll down to Slide Shows.   Now click on Slide Shows and a new window opens.  When it does; scroll down and select the link, that is the slide show title which appeals to you.

Directly related:  When the Slide Show begins, move your cursor over the pic part and you will see two small rectangles in the lower right.  If you click on the larger rectangle, the pic will fill the screen.  Also, there is a “speaker” there which turns on, or turns off, your audio.  Also, at the end of the Slide Show you are invited to leave a comment >> OR even a question.

I am about to begin a series of Slide Shows not shown earlier.  Reason, I did not have the subscription to PhotoPeach.   I will start with the Inaugural to Holland and Germany.  Each Inaugural has been a Great Success!!  The Slide Show brings back a million Great Memories!!  Do hope you enjoy.

Here is the link, but remember you can see all the links at any time, by clicking on the Category Slide Show.  (Great pix of the Tulips in Holland)

Stan McCormack  2013 04 16.

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