From the Archives of The Shuffler. The 25th ISA, Lakeside, OH

Report #2 from the 25th ISA held in Lakeside, OH!!  Posted in Category ISA.  Click on pix to expand.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe began with the official opening on the shores of Lake Erie in the Lakeside Complex.  Participating countries marched in; each proceeded by their flag bearer. Their national anthem was played as they marched in; as the United Nations team paraded in, the anthems of Germany and Australia were played which was the first time the anthem of Germany had been played at an ISA Meet. It was apparent that the German contingent was very proud to be participating but of course no happier than we were to have them with us at this time. The United States was the last nation to parade in.   See Team Pix here:

The Master of Ceremonies for the occasion was Rich Phifer, President of theOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lakeside Shuffleboard Club.  Rich acknowledged the volunteers who had willingly given of their time to host the 25th in Lakeside.  See Rich, above left.  Volunteers to your right.

Team Pictures followed in the same area and as the pix were being taken, Teams held their “Team Meeting”, with Captains reviewing the format and rules peculiar to ISA Meets.  Before lunch we met at the Hoover Auditorium and held a practise march in, in preparation for the Friday evenings public parade into the auditorium.

Club President Phifer announced the beginning of competition and at 13:00, ISA President Messier cut the ribbon to launch the 25th ISA Meet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had some surprises during the afternoon ~~ and that is exactly as it should be!!  We have posted a pic of the Results Board in the margin.  As shown on the Board, the American Teams have the lead.  This is as of the end of play on Friday, Day 01, of the 25th ISA ~~ August 18, 2006.

We enjoyed a fine dinner in the Lakeside Hotel ~~ in Air Conditioned Comfort!! So very important to us all, but especially so to the Westerners among us!!  Following the dinner we did our Showbiz March In at Hoover Auditorium ~~ this time accompanied by very fine music, and watched by those assembled for the Night’s Performance.  It was a great way to end Day 01, and most participants returned to their quarters.  It had been a long and enjoyable Opening Day!!

I am writing this on the porch of one of the many restaurants in Lakeside, OH while my colleagues are fighting it out on the courts.

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2006 08 18. AND REPEATED 2013 04 28.

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