From the Archives of The Shuffler. The 25th ISA, Lakeside, OH

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have earlier posted several articles on this 25th Anniversary ISA event.  I am now going to continue with this look back to 2006.  At the time of the 25th, I posted a series of “reports”.  The report to follow is Report #1.

The 25th ISA at Lakeside, OH (2006) has been launched but not officially opened as I prepare this report from Lakeside.  Thursday, Aug 17th was Get Acquainted Day, Practise Day, and Find Your Accommodation Day!!  All went off well, all warmed to the FL type Courts, and all began to familiarize themselves with the Lakeside Complex.  There is very little automobile traffic in the Complex.  Perhaps this is the way of the future ~~ one parks their automobile and takes a ride on a small air conditioned bus which navigates the complex ~~ at no charge. (This pattern of traffic exists from June through to the end of August ~~ at which time they open the gates and normal traffic resumes throughout the complex.)
Some Teams were able to hold pre game meetings but this was limited as not all players had arrived.  Some who had chosen to fly from their home did not arrive until the rest of us were enjoying a fine dinner which began at 18:00 on Thursday.  We had the choice of roast beef or chicken and to begin, a fine selection of hors d’ouvres were available.  Following the dinner, many made the short walk to Hoover Auditorium where the “Waylin Jennys” were performing ~~ three talented young women in their twenties played a variety of musical instruments while singing folk music written mostly by them.  One of the performers was from Winnipeg, one from Montreal and one from Toronto.  This 1st class entertainment is included in the daily charge of $10.00 to access the entire complex!!

The Executive Board of the ISA held their meeting at the Fountain Inn within the complex. The meeting began at about 19:30 and finished very close to 23:00 hours.  We have a new slate of officers:  Gus Bondi of FL and the State of Maine will be the new President; Gus will be selecting a Secretary; however; no announcement will be made until certain conditions have been agreed upon.  Other officers returned to office were: 1st VP is Nobuo Kitamura of Japan; 2nd VP is Malcolm Crowder of Australia, 3rd VP is Michael Zellner, Brazil; 4th VP is Walt Wedel, USA; 5th VP Max Tate, Canada.  The official date of assuming office will be January 01 of 2007.

Dolores Brown 2Tournament Director Delores Brown was introduced and went on to remind the Board of the rules and format to be followed.  The only deviance from the Rules included in our “package” being that the Tournament Director will make the final call and not the Head Referee as noted in the Rules.

Max Tate, President of the Canadian Association rose to express OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAappreciation to outgoing ISA President Joe Messier and Cecile Messier, CNSA Secretary.  Meeting adjourned.

Stan McCormack 2006 08 17. 

Posted in ISA; click to expand pix.  Do Enjoy.  Stan 2013 04 28.

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