Check Out This Brazil Website!!

BERNARBernar Borges is a Vice President of the Brazilian Shuffleboard Assn.  He also operates their BLOG effectively!!  I am going to give you a link to the  site.  When the site opens, look in the top right, and click on the word English. Now scroll down the page and click on the title: 1 ABS Tournament 2013 Final Results.  When window opens, scroll slowly down the page, reading as you go.  Pause when you come to the first pic!!  A slide show begins immediately.  Great Idea!!  I must learn how he does that!!  Are you ready? Here is the link:  

Bernar finished 3rd in the Men’s Division of the 2011 30th ISA World Championship held in Dieppe New Brunswick.   He was also on the Trip to Lithuania.    Here is his bio as of the trip to Lithuania: C38 BR Bernar Borges of Brazil  We can expect to see Bernar in St Petes this October.

Stan McCormack 2013 04 29.  Posted in  ISA (International)

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2 Responses to Check Out This Brazil Website!!

  1. Bernar Borges says:

    Thanks Stan!! You will see me in St Pete for sure!


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in St Petes, Bernar
    Happy shuffling


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