Shuffleboard Bob; Have You Met HIm??

Shuffleboard Bob ZalatelSome of you may have met Bob Zaletel ~~ better known as SHUFFLEBOARD BOB, for the first time at the 25th ISA in Lakeside.  Bob, perhaps more than any other person I have met, personifies shuffleboard.  Always positive, always maintaining records, always testing a new hypothesis, always competitive on the “Boards”, (AZ for Courts), and always willing to share a story about the game!!  I was told while at Lakeside that Bob’s bed sheets are patterned with Shuffleboard Courts!!  By now you have an understanding as to the reason that Bob Zaletel has become known as SHUFFLEBOARD BOB!!

Bob has written a book devoted to shuffleboard with the emphasis on Western Courts.  He is now in the process of completing his 2nd book ~~ MIND OVER MATTER, how to play winning shuffleboard on any court.  If you are interested in purchasing either, send an e-mail along to Bob @    Bob offers “strategy sessions” at various clubs in Arizona and during these sessions he shares his ideas, his views, on how best to succeed at the game.  From all accounts these sessions are both well received and productive for those who participate.  As our regular readers will remember, Bob was instrumental in obtaining $7,000.00 in prize money for the 1st International Singles Tournament held in Mesa, AZ and it was Don Norris who placed 2nd in the Men’s Division.  (We will not report how much money Don won ~~ “Uncle Sam” may want some of it!!  lol)

As Sam Allen once said about Shuffleboard Bob: “I love him.  I think we need lots of people like him.”

Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER 2006 08 27.  and repeated on 2013 04 29.


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  1. says:

    Thanks for remembering!!


  2. say hi to Sam, Marcia, Jim and Beth Allen they have been very good friends. says:

    Malcolm Crowder the person who started Shuffleboaed in Australia and sponsored four internationals on the Gold Coast, a life member of the Australian association, awarded membership in the Florida Hall of fame 1999, attended four Internationals in U.S.A. After our first World tournament in May with players from Japan, Canada and U.S.A. 25 years ago and health and age has slowed me down and difficult to travel long distances, yes I remember Shuffleboard Bob I last played with him at the Florida tournament, a great guy and loves promoting and teaching
    New players the finer points of winning games. Fortunately we have Ian Reiner and his sister Marge Gavett who have been attending almost every overseas tournament and I,m very greatful for their. Contribution to shuffleboard here in Australia. I!ve met a lot of very nice people through shuffleboard. Regards also to Pres. Michael Zelner we have a long association.


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