Gracious Words by Gus Bondi!!

More snippets from the 25th ISA Event in Lakeside, OH in 2006.

Gus%20Bondi[1]Rob RobinsonImmediately following Gus’s loss to Robbie Robinson, a member of the Brazilian Team, I talked with Gus to get his reaction:  Stan; “OK Gus, you just lost a match on your last disc!!  How do you feel about that and please tell the readers who beat you.”  Gus; “Rob Robinson beat me ~~ stuck in the 8; he needed 18; he put my 8 in the kitchen and I lost 75 to 74 and I am heart broken for OUR TEAM ~~ not for me ~~ but for OUR TEAM.  It was a fantastic shot, a good match and the winner made the right shot.” Stan; “Thank you very much Gus ~~ spoken like a gentleman.

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2006 08 27. and repeated 2013 05 01.

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