Japanese Men Finished 2nd!!

Sams Birthday 2009 001 2Sam Allen, Mr. Shuffle, e-mailed me just prior to the commencement of the 25th ISA and offered this advice: “In case you bet on sporting events, put your loonies (Canadian Dollar Coin) on the Japanese. This will be their year!”

J MenIf only I had listened to Sam!!  I could have had lots of takers!!  Just OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtake a look at the Final Results Board, to your right. Japanese Men finished 2nd!!!!*

A SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENT!!  Akira Kawai, who has been shuffling for a “matter of months”, took yours truly to the cleaners; Tatsuo OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMiyakawa took a close match from Bobby Sudomir, with out a doubt one of America’s very best shufflers, and finally Richard (Buck) Buchanan fell to Japanese Team Captain Nobuo Kitamura!!  These are just some of the examples that I am familiar with ~~ there must have been many other similar outcomes.

* Hats off to the Japanese Men and Women; they performed with distinction. 

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Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER 2006 08 25. and repeated 2013 05 01.

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