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Help Us Identify These Shufflers!!!

Dorothy Wagasky recently gave this pic to Jim Allen!!  Sam Allen tells us that Mae Hall is in the front row, 2nd from the right, our right.  Let’s see if our viewing audience can identify others???  To obtain a better … Continue reading

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Being a Much Older Person than Many of You!!

It often blows my mind when I reflect on just how much “our world” has changed >> during our life time!!   Each of us could write a book on change in many aspects of our life, but as I am … Continue reading

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“Bones and Jones” Sent Chills Down Our Spines!!!

I am so thrilled that i got to play games with and against these two superstars of shuffleboard.  (Glen Peltier speaking) Just to watch them play each other in the masters was thrilling for me. They were the two big … Continue reading

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High River AB Reports On Their Spring Tournament!!

Hi Shufflers!  It took us a while but this time we have the current newspaper article as it appears in the High River News of High River Alberta, Canada!!  Before I take you to the link, it may open with … Continue reading

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We Welcome Nepal to the ISA

President Zellner is pleased to announce that year-long  discussions with representatives from the Nation of Nepal have yielded wonderful and exciting  results.  General Secretary Pratap Ghising has reported the formation of  the Napalese Shuffleboard Association with the following Board of  Directors: General Secretary Pratap Ghising has also … Continue reading

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We Look Back to 2007: Joan Cook Is Our Subject.

SHE DID IT AGAIN~~BUT WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!! The Central District Tournament at Lakeland on Thursday, Feb 01st of 2007 had two divisions; Men’s and Women’s Draw Doubles.  As it turned out both divisions had an odd number meaning that … Continue reading

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Is There Anyone Who Has Not Beat Earl??

If you know of anyone who does more to promote shuffleboard than “this guy”, I would be pleased to hear from you!! Our International audience may not know that Earl shuffles out of Central Florida where he lives year round … Continue reading

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Canadian Snowbirds May Extend Their Stay!!

The Canadian Snowbird Association applauds the inclusion of the JOLT (Jobs Originated through Launching Travel) Act in the comprehensive immigration reform legislation filed April 17th in the United States Senate. The JOLT Act is a bipartisan bill which seeks to … Continue reading

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That is correct: “My most memorable game EVER!  It was played against Hans Lee Jordan.  It took place in Hendersonville NC and it was the SMOKEY MOUNTAIN SHOOT OUT!! $3,000.00 prize money was at stake.  I played Hans in the … Continue reading

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2 Meeting Places; St Petes Courts and the Hotel Hilton

Many of the Shufflers who regularly read the articles on this BLOG have been to several International Events!!!  Ask anyone of them what “sticks in their mind” regarding Internationals,  and they will undoubtedly speak of the friendships established and maintained!!   Of course, … Continue reading

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