1st ISA; 1981 Muskegeon MI; Canadian Teams

1st ISA Can. Men's&Women'sTeam

The purpose of this article is not to tell you that the Canadian Women placed first in this historic very first International Tournament in Muskegon in 1981, nor is it to tell you that the Canadian Men tied for first with the USA Men’s Team!! Rather, it is to share with you where some of those (Canadian) players are at the present time and further to seek your help in supplying information on those for which we have no information.  Send along stories or addresses to stanistheman_200@yahoo.com.  I was asked to do this by Peggy House and Verna Carter through Freda Burns. It is hoped that by providing this information ON LINE, we will make it easier for the players to communicate with each other.  NOTE: The information to follow was accurate in July of 2008.  Any and all updates will be very much appreciated.   

Back Row L to R Don Stringer, Deceased; John Sebo; Bill Brown, Deceased; Rosaire Biron, PQ; Jack House, Deceased; Frank Sebo, Deceased; Ernie Stewart, not identified; Fred Chittenden, Lakeland and Sable Beach; Vaughn Ford, not identified.

Middle Row L to R Ross Knox, Deceased; Nick Klym**, alive & well; Jiggs Harlock**, alive and well Oshawa; Homer McMann, Deceased; Peggy House**, alive & well; Helen Chittenden, deceased; Blanche Boyer, friend of Rosaire; Alma Carpenter, Unknown.

Front Row L to R Vicky Klym, Deceased; Tammy Harlock**, on dialysis 3 times a day, great spirits, great health otherwise; Catherine McCreery, team captain, deceased;  Verna Harris Deceased; Phyllis Stringer, Nursing Home Peterborough; Dorothy Dyer; Shirley Knox**, alive & well in Lindsay; Verna Carter**, alive & well in Napanee.

Observations vis-à-vis health and whereabouts made as a result of a visit with Shirley Knox and Frank Willson on 2008 06 13 at the residence of Shirley and subsequent information from Peggy House 2008 06 04 as well as a personal visit with Jiggs and Tammy Harlock on 2008 07 07.

Missing from the pic is T. Ross, Men’s Team Captain.

If you would like telephone numbers, E-Mail address, or snail mail address for those with ** beside their name, please contact Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com  In some cases we will be able to provide you with a telephone number or E-Mail, but not in all cases!! However; I do not wish to publish this information without the express approval of the individuals.  Please remember, info accurate as of July, 2008.

Stan McCormack.                  2013 05 16.

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