Update on the 3rd Canadian “IP”, Inter Provincial!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHotels in the Dieppe area are filling fast so don’t be late in  getting your accommodations.
Don Breau, our host, has spoken with the “man in charge” and has been promised good  weather for a great vacation in the Maritimes.  Among other things, the Maritimes have some of the very best dining anywhere!!  If you have not visited Hopewell Rocks, it is an absolute MUST!!  Click: http://www.thehopewellrocks.ca/ It is close to Dieppe, circa 35 km.  Don and wife Bern are shown above. 
The 3rd Canadian I/P Tournament, beginning July 22nd 2013, will be played on 21 courts  painted on the surface of the concrete floor in the Arthur J LeBlanc Center in Dieppe New Brunswick.  MONDAY IS Practice Day, beginning at 13:00 (1 p.m.) and Registration will take place on Monday afternoon.  MeetNGreet will be Monday from 19:00 to 20:30 (7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)  
We will have 26 Teams taking part, 13 Men’s and 13 Women’s; with 4 players per  team.   The games will  be played over a period of 4 days with 16 rounds in total; 20 of the 104 participants will sit out each game.   Play will begin on TUESDAY, following Opening Ceremonies. Play will end on FRIDAY. The Awards Dinner is on Friday, beginning at 18:00 (6 p.m.)
Looking forward to a great tournament!  Looking forward to a great time!! 
We now have the names of all players and will post them later to-day or tomorrow.   
Some of you have inquired as to the Rules of Play:  I have copied them below:


The playing Rules for IP (Inter Provincial) Events are modeled after the Rules for International Tournaments.  As with ISA Rules, they are intended to enhance your enjoyment!  Let’s all have a Great Time!

OFFICIALS:  1. A Tournament Director; appointed by the President of the CNSA. The Tournament Director will have the authority to appoint officials as required.

PLAYING FORMAT & RULES:  No charting is permitted.  Specifically, no player may refer to drawings or any similar device designed to assist in executing the shot after the game has started.

1. The game will be NON WALKING SINGLES with two opponents on each end of the court.

2. The game will consist of 12 frames, with opponents to change colour at the end of six frames.

3. At the beginning of each game, two [2] discs may be shot by each player to check for speed.

4. Four [4] discs may be shot by each player in a manner of their choosing, to determine court characteristics. Opposition discs may be used as targets when available.

5. After changing colours at the end of six [6] frames, four [4] discs may be shot by each player in a manner of their choosing, to determine court characteristics. Opposition discs may be used as targets when available.

6. The player on black will signal to the other end whether or not a disc is counting. This same player will make the FIRST OFFICIAL CALL when a disc is close. The player on yellow should then get up and look at the disc in question. That will constitute the SECOND CALL. If the team member playing yellow disagrees with the original call by black, the Tournament Director or a person designated by him/her will be called to make the THIRD CALL. NOTE: Neither person at “the other end” is permitted to examine the disc.

7. There is to be no break at the end of six [6] frames.

DRESSING OF COURTS:  The courts shall be beaded by the Host using their “CUSTOMARY METHOD”.  REQUESTS FOR DRESSING must be made immediately after the Speed shots at the beginning of the game and providing all players agree, dressing will be added at that time. Players will then shoot their four [4] remaining discs.

PENALTIES:  1. As the INTER PROVINCIAL TOURNAMENT is intended to increase fellowship and good will among the provinces, no penalties will be assessed.

2. A high standard of decorum is expected during the tournament.  Any deviation should be brought to the attention of the TD who will investigate and where required, and courteously bring it to the attention of the player.

COURT ASSIGNMENTS:  All court and colour assignments are the sole responsibility of the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR.

Stan McCormack.  2013 07 21.

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