Saltwater Shuffleboard Club reports!!

2013-05-28 13.44.23 (2)2013-05-28 12.54.162013-05-28 13.46.072013-05-28 13.44.13Saltwater Shuffleboard Club rolled out the courts for our 4th season  Tuesday, May 28th.
The sun finally appeared after many days of rain and cold temps so all were  in good humour when they arrived.
22 of our loyal shufflers were there to start off the games for this  season.
Messages were received from about 6 others who were not able to attend the  first session.
4 of those who attended are new to our club and we are very happy to  welcome them.
Will include a few pictures. As you can see our 4 newest members are  sharing a good giggle during their first day with us.
We got the ball rolling at the Sackville Sports Stadium with a 16 frame  game, stopped for a quick lunch and then resumed play for the afternoon with 3  games of Hoss Collar.
We needed the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with these roll-out  courts once again. They are a challenge for all of us.
We meet every Tuesday for a 4 hour session with a short lunch recess, so if  anyone is reading this who lives in the HRM area of NS we would be glad to have  you join us.
Looking forward to a fun season with many keen shufflers. Those of us who  will be attending the Inter-provincial Tournament in Dieppe, NB in July are  especially anxious to get our skills sharpened up in order to be ready for the  tough competitors we will meet at that event.
Submitted by: Glenna Earle- SSC
Thanks so very much Glenna for that timely update.   Stan 2013 05 29. Click on pic to expand.
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1 Response to Saltwater Shuffleboard Club reports!!

  1. Gary Pipher says:

    Great going Glenna , nice to hear your Club is doing well and enjoying another year . CU in Dieppe


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