“Stories From the CNSA National” at Coldwater”

Do Not Regret Growing OlderAlthough Competitive Shuffleboard is the primary concern at any major event, there is always much more taking place!  Wedding Anniversaries are celebrated; birthdays are celebrated OR at least noted!!  AND we often have the Press and or TV in attendance.  It is the latter, the TV and Newspaper coverage that gives Shuffleboard needed exposure.  We should all work to achieve both.   I will provide a link to a pdf file showing some of the activity at our just completed National Event.  Some Shufflers Are Savy When It Comes to Promotion  Lois and I had the 100th Anniversary Product on display, and for sale.  Our objective was to stimulate interest in attending the 31st ISA World Championship final Day, October 25th, 2013.  Bus transportation is being organized and will leave from Lakeland and North Fort Myers.  Participants will watch the “Finals”, enjoy a fine lunch, and attend the Awards Banquet.  This is a great OPPORTUNITY!!

With reference to the pdf file, Pam and Phil Hill (The P&P of Shuffleboard) looked great in their outfit.  Glen had a fine display of Cues, and of course Lois and I were pitching the product of the 100th Anniversary!!

I also had a display of Shuffleboard Pix, 11,314 to be precise, running in the background.

Stan McCormack.  2013 05 29.

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