absolutely fabulous food was exceeded only by the smiles & friendly exchanges!

JA 2 Paal & Kristin GjelsethJA 3 Paul's RestaurantGE 9 2013-06-28 Shell red is Whale GE 10 2013-06-28 15.05.04We were invited into Paal’s private dining room and following a welcome from Paal, the bell was rung and the wall rose to reveal a spetacular buffet. The ambiance was superb with the finest wines, or anything else anyone desired. See pic of Paal and Kristin, upper left.

GE 5 2013-06-28 Entering Paal 'sHere we are entering the restaurant owned by our shuffling friend Paal. Restaurant is called Louise. We could easily say it is one of the finest we have had the opportunity to experience.  The food was far beyond anything we expected. From lobster to reindeer, to whale and goose pate, there was such a variety of delicacies that most of us could only begin to try.  Glenna Earle

Beth Allen speaks:  Stan,  11: 30 and we just left. What a night!!!!  Paal and Kristin Gjelseth could not have given us all a better evening.  From champagne toast we were treated to Paal raising the wall of his nautically  themed restaurant to treat us to the most fabulous buffet I have ever had the privilege to attend.   Beth Allen.

Stan speaks: I give you 3 special pix!  I will also provide the address of a Slide Show as I have far more pix than I can easily display here!!  Much appreciated.  http://photopeach.com/album/qkmc00  Stan McCormack 2013 06 28 20:00

JA 6 Good photo for centerGE 11 2013-06-28 Allens & MJ orgs (2)JA 1 Mats & Siegell

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