We Depart Tjome; We Arrive in Oslo! 2013 06 28

Pic on the right was taken while folks wait for the bus to Oslo.  Tjome is the location.  GE 2013-06-28 Departing Tjome
We have arrived in Oslo after a lovely 2 hr bus ride through beautiful countryside. The hotel, another Rica, this time it is Holberg, and once again the food is outstanding. Lunch was like a dinner buffet with many choices, always salmon in one form or another.
GE 2013-06-28 Grass Garden OsloWe took a walk around although the city map GE 2013-06-28 Grass 2was most difficult to follow. We were on our own so folks went in many directions.
We came across this “Grass Garden” as we were told by a passer-by. Apparently there was an explosion in a building which created a lot of damage and last year this garden was put in place. It was very unusual and with the language translation, we were not sure about details. We were very impressed with the work.Quite artistic.
More pics to follow. Once again, my tablet is limited.  Glenna   (Thanks so very much Glenna for the pix and commentary!!)
GE 2013-06-28 Patsy Jordan & Glenda B. OsloWe now have a pic of Patsy Jordan and Glenda Brake in front of a picturesque statute.
I will now share with you a response from Mats (Graf-Wang) with regard to my e-mail congratulating him on his 1st Place in the Norwegian Open.

“Thank you Stan! We had a great time at Tjøme! And Hallvard was so happy for us and he really appreciated the medal I gave him.”

Stan McCormack.  2013 06 28 10:32 local

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