The Bloms Share With Us Their Continuing Adventure

Donna & Albert Blom 2012 04 28 (2)Hi Stan: Albert and Donna here:  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Norway; we shuffled well, enjoyed their good company and great food.  They treated us like royalty.   A big thank you to Jim and Beth for arranging this trip and taking us sightseeing as well.

XU Eng London VG flew H's Car (7)We are now (2013 07 01) in London England.   Took a bus tour today and visited Westminster Abbey, Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and took a river boat cruise.  Tomorrow we are joining an 8 day Trafalgar Tour of Devon and Cornwall of southern England.  Donna   Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 17:35:06 +0000  Thanks Donna and Albert. Do Enjoy!!

Why don’t you send along your thoughts about the Norway Adventure and you subsequent travels!!!  Love to hear from you.  Stan

(Stan’s Note: See the + 0000 following the time! > Since the time reference point for the entire world is Greenwich England (a part of London) no “time is added”. Stan’s Note 2 lol I looked for a pic of the “Changing of the Guard”  at Buckingham Palace since Donna mentioned it as a part of her tour.  This pic was in my personal archives. I was there in 1957 and too this pic.  I had a 35 mm camera at that time and everything was put on slides.   Stan 2013 07 01 15:41 local.  HAPPY CANADA DAY!

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  1. Albert & Donna Blom says:

    Yes Stan we came home on Monday July 8 & were to land at 7 in the evening at Pearson but it was closed for 2 hrs because of heavy rains and severe thunder storms so our plane landed in Ottawa where they refuelled the plane & about 3 hrs later we landed in Toronto were everything had been flooded. By then they had the water cleaned up & of course we had to wait for a landing strip and also for a gate to unload as a number of planes came in at once We landed in Toronto shortly after midnight.


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