Travel Day in Norway; June 29th, 2013

MB Ski Hill rx on 2013 06 30  (1)MB Ski Hill rx on 2013 06 30  (3)Muriel Burnett Reports:  Hi Stan!  The food at the Frognerseteren Restaurant was wonderful.  Believe me, it was not a lunch, as we would expect.  Your choices included seafood, reindeer, and a rice and chicken stir fry with lots of vegetables.  Oh course we had to sample their famous apple dessert.  Unfortunately, it was raining very hard, and we did not get the experience of the view.  It would   have been amazing on a dry sunny day.

We continued on to the Holmenkollen Ski  Jump, but it was raining so hard, we had to stay on the bus.  However, Olav Hansson,* of the Norwegian shuffleboard team met the bus and explained the sport of ski jumping.  In the 1982 FIS Nordic World Ski Championship he won a gold and a silver.  His best jump was 169 m.  He was known as “Stlopperen fra  Roa” and always jumped in a full white suit.  (Click here to read about the Jump and associated history!) Lots of pix!!

The jump they used at the time was dangerous as it was too steep on the takeoff and because of the profile a shier would be airborne partway down.  The new lift is slower out of the gate, and the skier is not airborne until he leaves the end of the jump but achieves more air and distance (now up to 180 m).  Style has changed as now skis are wider apart to take advantage of more air against the chest.  The new jump was built in 2011 at a cost of about 375 million dollars and is very impressive , even in the rain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA* Olav (Hansson) played in Seattle.  Olav is standing on your extreme left, beside Mats.  Pic taken at Seattle ISA, 2012.  (click on pic)

I believe the North American & South American Shufflers have now split, with couples AND MICHAEL, extending their holiday in interesting parts of the World.   I invite each of them to drop me a line, c/w pix, telling fellow shufflers how they enjoyed this part of the adventure.

Stan McCormack.  Article sent along by Muriel Burnett.  2013 07 01

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3 Responses to Travel Day in Norway; June 29th, 2013

  1. donna Blom says:

    Hi Stan: Albert & I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Norway, we shuffled well, enjoyed their good company and good food. They treated us like royality. A big thank you to Jim & Beth for arranging this trip & taking us sightseeing as well. We are in London England now & took an On & Off bus tour today and toured Westminister Abbey, changing of guards at Buckingham Palace & a river boat cruise. Tomorrow we are joining an 8 day Trafalgar Tour of Devon & Cornwall area of southern England. Donna Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 17:35:06 +0000 To:


  2. Phil Hil l ( of P and P) says:

    Sounds great. But I must mention something that happened to me when in the Brit.Army in Austria.To get free passes to the ski hills and jumps during our tenure on top of a mountain, we had to work for that priveledge by flattening the snow on the ski jump, since it is impossible to jump from new snow. We limked arms across the width of the jump and literally walked up and down the slope to flatten the snow and pack it to make it fast . we did this after each snowfall.
    And we had to walk to the edge of the jump from where the jumpers took off. A breathtaking experience,


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