Shufflers Experience “A Drink” In An Ice Bar!!

ICE BAR 2013-07-07 13.13.23

The Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm, Sweden is a great place to take a photo after a Baltic cruise vacation and have a drink to celebrate the beginning or end of a memorable visit to Stockholm. With a maximum of 30 guests, the Ice Bar is small, but wonderful fun. The Ice Bar has an interesting variety of drinks–all made with Absolut Vodka, of course! (Visitors who do not drink alcohol can get juice or other non-alcoholic drinks.)

The Absolut Icebar Stockholm (the official name of the Ice Bar) is located in the Nordic Sea Hotel, just a few blocks from the Central Train Station, the Stockholm City Hall.

You don’t have to worry about the Ice Bar melting in the warm summer days of Stockholm. The interior of the Ice Bar is kept at a crisp 23 degrees Farenheit temperature (-5°C) all year round. All of the interior components of the Ice Bar, including the spectacular glasses, are made of pure, clear ice from the Torne River in northern Sweden.

Pic sent along by Glenna Earle.  WE know they visited and we have not heard from them since??  lol  Just had an e-mail from Glenna and their group leaves for Home on Tuesday, July 09th.

Stan McCormack. 2013 07 08

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