Moose Jaw SK Tournament Results!! 2013 07 18

Milly MolloyMoose Jaw, Saskatchewan held their 19th   Annual Shuffleboard Tournament July 16 – 18, 2013.  Players from SK,  AB, BC, and the USA participated.  There are 4  events with 4 winners in each event.  The Tournament is  held at the Timothy Eatons Centre in Moose Jaw where they serve delicious meals.  A banquet is held the first day of  the tournament.  The 20th Annual will be held 2013 07 14 to 17.  Campers can park in camp grounds with sewer and water or book a motel.   
A great time is had by all and everyone is  welcome.  Entries can be sent to Milly Molloy at   #201-35 Alport  Crescent, Regina, Sask. S4R 8C6 or See pic of Milly, above left. 
The 2013 winners are:  1st event:  1st  place and Trophy winner – Lenore AbellTrophey Winner Lenore Abell (see pic to right)
                     Trophey winners name is engraved on the trophy
                   2nd – Don Fortner, 3rd – Jerrold Delahey, 4th – Aldona Rowe
2nd Event:  1st – Al Rathgeber, 2nd – Shirley  Wright,  3rd – Leroy Abell, 4th – Aime Archer
3rd Event:  1st – Willie Neufeld, 2nd – Les  Hall, 3rd – Jane McWillie, 4th – Shirley Tucker
4th Event:  1st – Pat Rathgeber, 2nd – Dawn  Nuttall, 3rd – Sandy Ramage, 4th – Donna Harvey
1st Event 4th Aldona Abell, 3rd Jerrold Delahey, 2nd Don Fortner, 1st Lenore Abell 2nd Event 4th Aime Archer, 3rd Leroy Abell, 2nd Shirley Wright, 1st Al Rathgeber 3rd Event 4th Shirley Tucker, 3rd Jane McWillie, 2nd Les Hall, 1st Willie Neufeld 4th Event 4th Donna Harvey, 3rd Sandy Ramage, 2nd Dawn Nuttall, 1st Pat Rathgeber
 1st Event, left; 2nd event, centre; 3rd event, right; 4th event, lower left. (Click on pix to expand)
And we are now going to add a shot of “The Two Sisters” fighting it our for 3rd place in the 3rd event.  (Below right) The two sisters are: Jane McWillie and Shirley Tucker.  Both are sisters of Milly Molloy, who incidentally was a participant in the 3rd IP at Dieppe.  In Dieppe she was accompanied by sister Shirley Tucker!!  (I hope I have that right!! Stan)
3rd Event Sister against Sister. Fight for 3rd & 4th
The Shuffler has provided coverage of the Moose Jaw event for several years.  We are pleased to do so!!   We look forward to covering their 20th Event in 2014.
Stan McCormack.  2013 07 29.
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3 Responses to Moose Jaw SK Tournament Results!! 2013 07 18

  1. David Martin says:

    Stan: I don’t know how else to contact you with info regarding some recent photos I took on a trip with Glenn Monroe to St. Pete Shuffleboard Club. I have a slide show of the recent on going renovations showing the resurfaced courts, grandstands and beautiful architecture that will be the site for the international games in October. Contact me if you have an interest in the pics. We also went by Allen R Shuffleboard and I took a bunch of pictures of all his products and his process and tooling


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Congratulations to everyone who took part
    in this tournament at Moose Jaw Sask


  3. Jane McWillie says:

    By the way Stan , Dawn Nuttal is my daughter. Jane McWillie My son Ken also played but did not win anything


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