Don Breau of Dieppe, NB Inducted into CNSA Hall of Fame

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring the Awards Banquet of the 3rd CNSA Inter Provincial Tournament, Don Breau was inducted into the CNSA Hall of Fame.  The induction was performed by Past CNSA President Gary Pipher.

Don’s wife Bern is shown “pinning” Don as Gary looks on: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn stage with Don were his wife Bern, his two daughters, Gary Pipher and President Myrna Bilton.   (Click on pix to expand)

You will find Gary’s induction remarks at the CNSA Virtual Hall of Fame:  click:  I invite you to visit the Virtual HOF, and while there I encourage you to read the history of the HOF; to do so, click on the rectangle in the top left when the window opens.  Don’s pic and bio are near the bottom.

ISA President Michael Zellner added his accolades:  FLAG ISA (Seattle intro)

Dear Don,  Congratulations on your induction into the Canadian National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.  You are truly deserving of this honour and can walk proudly among those who have gone before you. In my time working with you in 2011 during the 30th ISA World Shuffleboard Championship in Dieppe, Canada, I found you to be an outstanding professional, totally dedicated to getting everything right and a downright friendly person to work with.

Your actions reflected highly upon your shuffleboard club, community and Nation.  As we all know, behind every good man is his silent partner. This evening and honour should be shared with your wife Bern because no finer team than you two exists in Canada.

Tonight  shufflers around the world and I, are with you both in spirit.

Warmest Wishes,

Michael Robert Zellner, President, ISA

Stan McCormack. 2013 07 30

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7 Responses to Don Breau of Dieppe, NB Inducted into CNSA Hall of Fame

  1. Jim Allen says:

    Congratulations to Don Breau – a Hall of Famer in Life, as well as now in the CNSA!


  2. David Rushton says:

    Hi Don congratulations on your induction into the CNSA hall of fame. You have done a great job in the Shuffleboard Club in Moncton and Dieppe area. You have promoted Shuffleboard for 20 years in your area, and done a great job. People don’t realize the effort it takes to do that job for that many years. I would like to thank you for the support you have given to me in promoting Shuffleboard in my area of NS. You loaned me courts, blocks, cues etc.. to get me started. Without you we probably would not be where we are today. Thank you from the CCSC in Pugwash for all you, and your club have done for us. Bravo Zulu.
    David Rushton


  3. Glenna Earle says:

    May we add our congratulations to you, Don for such excellent work and dedication to the game of shuffleboard. Without your hard work and tenacity shuffling would not be so well-presented in your area. Thanks for doing such an outstanding job!!!!


  4. Maureen Bryan says:

    Congrats. To your induction into the hall of fame. Also to running a great IP tournament, and for all the wonderful helpers, each and everyone so pleasant and helpful. We enjoyed our time with you all. Bill &Maureen Bryan.(Ontario).


  5. Louisette says:

    Tous les membres de l’équipe du Québec et membres du Club de Shuffleboard de Conner’s Park
    te félicitent pour ton implication et ton entrée au Centre de renommée du CNSA.
    The Québec team as well as the Conner’s Park Shuffleboard Club congratulate you for you introduction into the hall of fame and your implication.


  6. Jean Hachey says:

    Congratulation Don ,Thankyou for all you have and still do for our club We do appreciate your help Jean Hachey


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