Stan Re-posts a Comment by David Rushton

I am re-posting this “comment” by David Rushton as many readers do not follow the “comments!!”  I encourage everyone to do so, and to respond to comments in order to have a conversation.  Remember, you can subscribe to all the comments AND should you wish to respond, just click on the “comment”.  To do this go here and subscribe:  Stan

Hi Don congratulations on your induction into the CNSA hall of fame. You have done a great job in the Shuffleboard Club in Moncton and Dieppe area. You have promoted Shuffleboard for 20 years in your area, and done a great job. People don’t realize the effort it takes to do that job for that many years. I would like to thank you for the support you have given to me in promoting  Shuffleboard in my area of NS. You loaned me courts, blocks, cues etc.. to get me started. Without you we probably would not be where we are today. Thank you from the CCSC in Pugwash for all you, and your club have done for us. Bravo Zulu.
David Rushton

David: A most gracious comment!!  Stan 2013 07 30.

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