Torben Hussmann of Germany, Visits America!!

Torbens Visit July 2013
We are privileged to have the son of Dieter and Birgitt Hussmann visiting  Ohio and Florida this summer!
This picture is the entire staff, and Beth Allen has the cookie  around her neck!
After Torben Hussmann’s successful 2 weeks in Lakeside (National Champion  winnner!**), it is all business for him the next 4 weeks.  Torben is staying  at the Allen home at nighttime, but during the day he is busy learning the  business side of shuffleboard as he is working at the Allen R Shuffleboard Co.  from July 29th until August 25th.
Upon his arrival he presented the Allen family with a gingerbread cookie  from his home town of Torbens Cookie July 2013Langenselbold, Germany.  This cookie was decorated  with beer mugs and pretzels, for as Torben tells us….this is what  everyone thinks of when they think of Germany.  Of course,  those of us in the shuffleboard community would add – we think of great  shufflers!
Torben on Cue Heads July 2013The other picture shows Torben learning to drill and assemble cue  heads.
Upon his return to Germany in 4 weeks Torben will enter his University  where he will be studying Sports Management.
We wish Torben Hussmann success in every aspect of his life, and appreciate  the opportunity to share this learning experience with him during the summer of  ’13.
Jim and Beth Allen
(Click on pix to expand)   ** Click here to read the 2013 National Results:
A MUST READ: Click here to observe (and read) about the development of this remarkable young Shuffler!!
Stan McCormack.  2013 07 30.
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2 Responses to Torben Hussmann of Germany, Visits America!!

  1. says:

    What a wonderful gesture by Jim and Beth- I’m sure that Torben is already learning more about the Shuffleboard business than most of us know!! What a great experience this is for the young man.


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Torben,you have a great family to stay with.
    Good luck with your schooling
    Rendall & Myrna


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