Positive Report Re FSA President Phil Rebholz

  • Phil-MVPLinda Rebholz speaks 2013 07 31: Phil did have mild heart confirmed by catherization yesterday afternoon. The doctor placed 2 stents in blocked arteries. Doing well and expects to be released from hospital tomorrow. Really appreciate the prayers and well wishes.    Linda.


Phil was admitted to the hospital on 2013 07 29.


Stan McCormack.  2013 07 31. 13:50

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6 Responses to Positive Report Re FSA President Phil Rebholz

  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Great news! We all wish Phil and Linda the very best as he begins his recovery.


  2. Pamela Hill says:

    Wonderfulnews! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Phil & Pam Hill.


  3. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Glad to hear your good news about Phil. Relax and enjoy the summer and get better Phil.


  4. Jim Allen says:

    Wonderful news. Take care of yourself – wishing you a complete recovery.


  5. joan cook says:

    Great News. You both are in my prayers.


  6. Sandi Quinn says:

    Was so good to see you both at the National H of F banquet at Lakeside, OH . . my prayers are with you both. Take care Phil!!!!


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