Freedom Is The Right to Choose!! Choose Beneficent over Churlish!! Shuffleboard Will be Better For It!!

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This man encouraged us to choose Beneficent over Churlish!! Read This Article & Decide If He Was Right?? 

GLENN MONROE is the State Tournament Director for the FSA.  Glenn Monroe is the TD for the 32nd ISA!!

((My rationale in posting this article at this time:  Many of my readers have just participated in a major Canadian Event, the Dieppe IP; an even greater number of followers will be preparing to participate in the 32nd ISA World Championship in St Petersburg, FL.  I don’t think we can say it too frequently that it is especially important in events such as these that every shuffler needs to avoid being churlish, and work at becoming more beneficent!!)) Stan

Glenn Monroe has clearly demonstrated by his performance since taking up the sport of shuffleboard, that he has a sincere desire to produce positive results with respect to the game he loves.   If one is to judge what is important, what is beneficial to the sport, that is the area where Glenn has placed public emphasis, one could be excused for thinking that Glenn’s priority is  increasing our knowledge and understanding of the English Language!! 

It is only when you look beneath the surface, that you realize that Glenn is hoping that we, as responsible shufflers, do far more than improve our vocabulary!! 

To Explain: Some years ago, Glenn got all FL Central District Shufflers thinking how each of us could become more civil while shuffling??  He gave us his chosen word, knowing that most of us would have to look it up to determine the meaning!!  In so doing, each of us reflected on just how civil we actually were.

The chosen word was churlish!!  At that time The Shuffler put it this way: “Not to be churlish requires constant vigilance; it requires that you erase those bad manners; that you cease to be sullen and miserly, and that you become the civil person shuffleboard demands!!!”  The Shuffler went on to say: “Kudos to Glenn”

At the commencement of the next season, Glenn had a new word for us >> a new objective for each of us to work toward!!  I believe that if one is to pursue this objective, the Sport of Shuffleboard will be the BETTER FOR IT!!  OK, you ask; what is the word of the year this time??  Are you ready?

It is a bit of a tongue twister: Beneficent is the word chosen by Glenn; the word he will present at most of the Central District Tournaments!  If at first you do not grasp the full meaning, continue your Journey of discovery.  The journey will result in a Win-Win for Shuffleboard; you will win and shuffleboard will win!!

The dictionary tells us that to be Beneficent is to produce benefits or advantages; doing good or charitable acts!! 

One example, by Glenn, to demonstrate that he is not just preaching, but rather living the meaning: To-day, 2009-11-10, while paying a visit to the Lakeland Club where a FL State Am tournament was in the final stages, I checked the chart and noted that Glenn was the sole sponsor of the event!!  The Shuffler repeats our observation of last year: “Kudos to Glenn”!!!!

I wrote this article originally in 2009.  However; the message is as true and as important, perhaps more so, than it was in 2009!!

Stan McCormack.  2013 08 01.  Welcome to August!!

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    Let me repeat this if I may in layman’s terms. Through volunteerism we can enact change for the better, through complaints we only enact bitterness!

    Warmest wishes,


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