Erika and Peter Berg Share their German Holiday!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese words from Peter and Erika Berg!!  We’re almost at the end of our Canadian summer season. Florida here we come!!!!

We have just returned from a wonderful German river cruise; Vienna to Amsterdam. Passing through 66 locks while the lock workers were on strike!!  It was a challenge for the cruise operators. It became routine that when the ship stopped at the port we were placed on 3 busses; did our city or castle sightseeing and caught up with the ship later in a different harbor. Grand Circle tour company did an outstanding job improvising.

Near Frankfurt we planed a one day visit with the Hussmanns. Because of the strike situation that had to be reduced to 4 hours.  Dieter and Birgitt picked us up at a harbor just south of Frankfurt. It took 50 minutes one way. Dieter had a chance to show us what 200km/h on the Autobahn feels like. We could only spend one hour with them in Langenselbolt.

We bring greetings from The Hussmanns and Wullners to all the shufflersGermany 2013 150 in North America. See pic on wall behind Erika!!! Click to expand.

Germany 2013 159I am not sure if you know the full story of the German Shuffleboard Club.  Dieter and Lore Wuellner, on your left, needed more room for their computer data processing company of 72 employees. They bought an old building, used half of it for their company and financed the other half for the German Shuffleboard Center. They told me the cost equaled a large, large sailboat.

Germany 2013 154They just finished it and we must have been one of the first people to play a game in the building. I must say I have never seen a nicer and more beautiful shuffleboard facility in the world. They have 8 courts with beads already imbedded; no need to clean up after.  A bar, rest Germany 2013 161rooms and utility room, at the ground level and balcony coffee klatch or social settings upstairs overlooking the courts.

Germany 2013 151Note that behind the pic of Peter, Erika and Dieter, you see a framed wall pic of Rendall and Peter!!  (click on pic to expand)

Notice picture to your right; Austria and Switzerland played a Germany 2013 156tournament in 1929.

When we came back from our visit with the Wuellners and the Hussmanns, the crew was  waiting to undock the ship and sail on.  Peter and Erika.

Stan speaks: I want to thank Erika and Peter (Berg) for such a great report.  All German Shufflers are to be congratulated on the outstanding Shuffleboard Facility they now have.   Stan McCormack. 2013 08 15.

I have filed this in Personal Travel.  Click on pix to expand.

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3 Responses to Erika and Peter Berg Share their German Holiday!

  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Thank you Erika and Peter for the update on your wonderful trip and for the background information on the new German Shuffleboard Center. And thank you to Lire and Dieter for your dedication and generosity.


  2. Michael Zellner, ISA President says:

    Peter well done. Interesting and informative. Yes a truly wonderful facility. Hope to see you both in October in sunny Florida at the 34th World Championships.


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