Promoting Shuffleboard! via the Newspaper!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the very recent posting “SGA 55+ Eastern Regional Games 2013” I shared with you the results of the Eastern Regional Games 55+, shuffleboard component.

As I am constantly encouraging others to promote shuffleboard by using the local newspaper, I thought I should demonstrate that I follow my own advice!!   I am now going to insert an article I have sent to the local newspaper, requesting them to post.   I sent the pic of the subjects of the article separately.  The newspaper also requires some basic information about YOU, before they will publish.  I normally send my phone #; my complete mailing address as well as my full name.   Before I give you the link to the newspaper article, here is a link to an article out of SGA 55+ Magazine: About the OSGA 55+ Games

Here is my “promotional article”:

Shuffleboard Results of the Eastern Regional 55+ Games!!

The City of Cornwall hosted the Eastern Ontario Regional (OSGA) 55+ Games on Tuesday, August 20th.  One key element of the Regional Games was Shuffleboard; the Shuffling took place in the Long Sault Arena; the Banquet in the Civic Complex.  Chairman George Baker can be justly proud of the many supporters and the City for the excellent facilities they made available.  The Shuffleboard Convenors, Gail Boyer and Helen McDonald did a fine job!

In order to compete in the Regional Games, participants had to qualify in their District Games. We are now going to list the top 4 couples of the Shuffleboard component, at the Regional Level.  4th place, Bill & Eileen  McNairn of Summerstown; 3rd place, Arnold & Mary Mueller of Brockville; 2nd place, Graham Barkley of Long Sault and Helen McDonald of Cornwall; 1st place, Gilles Racine of Cornwall & Jacques Lafontaine of Martintown.

If you think you may enjoy Shuffling, get in touch with Gail Boyer at or telephone 613-527-5478

Sent along by Stan McCormack.

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