We Introduce you to some of the St Petes Competitors! On Stage is Glenna Earle!!

Glenna Earle On Stage!! Glenna Earle 2013 (2)

In this series we first introduced you to a leading male contender for the 32nd ISA. I am now going to introduce you to a leading female contender, that being Glenna Earle!!  Glenna lives in Zephyrhills, FL during the winter and in St Margaret’s Bay, NS, Canada, the remainder of the year. Glenna began playing shuffleboard in Zephyrhills FL in 2001 in a small park where shuffling was very popular. She became Pro in 2009 and has enjoyed playing in District and State Tournaments as well as in the area ever since.

Glenna and husband David, began a new Shuffleboard club in Nova Scotia 4 years ago, of which they both act as co-Presidents. They have also served as tournament directors and planners for Canada 55+ games which were held in Cape Breton, NS in 2012. In Sep. 2013 they will once again physically transport roll-out courts to Truro where they will perform a similar function for the provincial competition.   Glenna has served on the CNSA executive for about 3 years and has enjoyed being an ambassador and promoter of shuffleboard whenever possible.

Notwithstanding the above administrative and promotional contributions, Glenna has in innate desire to enjoy shuffleboard while competing, and compete she does!!  She has competed in the FSA Masters, tied for 3rd in 2013.  On the International Scene, Glenna was a part of the Silver Medal Canadian Team, in Australia in 2008, AND on the Gold Medal Canadian OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATeam in Germany in 2010.  AND NOW to the most directly related achievement: Glenna placed first, taking home the Golden Cue, in the 2011 Dieppe, NB 30th ISA World Championship!!  (Golden Cue is donated and presented by Allen R. Shuffleboard.) The style of play needed to win in St Petersburg, is very similar to that demonstrated by Glenna in Dieppe in 2011!

Earl Ball had this to say about Glenna on the run-up to the 2013 Masters:  “Glenna Earle has been knocking on the door for a few years now.  She learned the game in Zephyrhills and is comfortable playing the board.  She does clear but is better on the board.”  Glenna captained the 1st Place OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWinning Saltwater Shuffleboard Club Team in Canada’s 3rd IP held in Dieppe NB this July. Glenna on our extreme right.

To all Competitors in the 32nd ISA World Championships, our very best.  One thing about Shuffleboard, there are many pleasant surprises!!!

Article by Stan McCormack.  2013 08 21. (click on pix to expand) For Slide Show of the 2011 30th ISA World Championship, Hall of Fame Banquet  click: http://photopeach.com/album/avik8l And now to a Slide Show I titled Decision Day (again, at the 30th (Singles) World Championships: http://photopeach.com/album/84twtv  DO ENJOY!!

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1 Response to We Introduce you to some of the St Petes Competitors! On Stage is Glenna Earle!!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Congratulations Glenna.
    I’m honoured to know you as a friend


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