Shuffleboard Appeals to Both Ends of the Spectrum!

One of the great attractions of Shuffleboard is the diversity in the age range; young or not so young, the sport appeals to both!!  In our most recent article we displayed Ruth Addison at the tender age of 98, enjoying a game in Coldwater, ON.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2007 at Midland ON, we had 3 young men competing: from left to right: Torben Hussmann, Bernar Borges and Marius Runge.  Each has continued to enjoy the sport, and each has done well!!  Bernar will be competing in the 32nd ISA in St Petersburg; unfortunately neither Marius nor Torben will be able to; school must come first.  Torben, on the left in the pic, placed 17th in the 2009 28th ISA (Singles) and in the 2011 30th ISA (Singles), he placed 2nd!!  Bernar  placed 3rd in the 2011 30th ISA (Singles) and Marius placed 23rd.  My thoughts! It is a “good job” for us Men that we will have to  fight off only one of these three great competitors!!  lol  (Incidentally; this pic was taken in 2007 > so the young Boys above are now YOUNG MEN!!)  Two of the 3 took the trip to Lithuania in 2012. Torben did not.

Here is a link to a great success story of a young man from Ocean City.  Alec Helm won the Junior National Singles Championship in Lakeside, OH this July.  Article re Alec sent along by Bob Weber.  Junior Champ!!

Stan McCormack.  2013 08 23.

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