John & Ria Wilson Celebrate 50 Years Together!!

John & Ria WilsonJohn and Ria Wilson Celebrate 50 years of marriage on Aug  22,2013
If you have ever taken part in a CNSA Doubles Tournament  held in Coldwater each year in May and have attended the opening ceremonies you  will no doubt remember the Wilsons leading voices in the singing  of the Canadian and USA National Anthems .
John and Ria moved to the village of Coldwater from the  farming communities of south western Ontario and immediately joined the  Shuffleboard Club. Although their first love was Lawn Bowling they have also  became a winning team in the Ontario Shuffleboard circuit.
John and Ria are avid gardeners and like to share their  produce with fellow shufflers each week . They are also involved in several  community activities including the Fall Fair committee.
John and Ria served ice cream and pie after he  shuffleboard games on Thur Aug 22 and the players all wished them Happy  Anniversary .
When one of the players asked John if they had any special  plans for the evening John said ” yes ” we are going to a Ball Game in  Barrie with several other shuffleboard friends to celebrate the occasion. 
On the T/V sports the following day the group can be seen  cheering on their Barrie Baycats team with a win over the London Team.
Article sent along by Gary Pipher.  2013 03 23.
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2 Responses to John & Ria Wilson Celebrate 50 Years Together!!

  1. Maureen Bryan says:

    Congrats to you both on this wonderful milestone you have reached. You must have so many great memories over these past years. Stay healthy and smiling like you both always do.
    Sincerely Bill and Maureen Bryan, (Belwood).


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary John & Ria
    May you be blessed with good health to enjoy many more years together
    Rendall & Myrna


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