More St Petes Competitors. Sebastian Runge On Stage!!


Photo above is of the entire German Contingent on the occasion of their very first appearance at an ISA event, it was the 25th ISA, 2006, in Lakeside OH, USA.  Yours truly had just presented the male players with a Shuffler Cap. Sebastian is trying his on.

Shuffleboard facts Re Sebastian Runge: 

Sebastian is a regular shuffler in the International Scene.  He has participated in every ISA event since the 25th ISA Anniversary event in Lakeside, OH in 2006.

2005 Founding member of the GSA (German Shuffleboard Association)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2006 Member of the UN Men’s Team at the Team WC (World Championship) in Lakeside/Ohio/USA (2 wins/12 games) Pic to your left is a much younger Sebastian seated beside an equally much younger Phil Hill.
2007 Member of the German Men’s Team at the Team WC in Midland/Ontario/Canada (11 wins/15 games); German Champion. Merit Award Presented in Midland; award presented to the Player who best demonstrates good sportsmanship combined with outstanding interpersonal relationships.

2008 Member of the German Men’s Team (3rd place) at the Team WC in Coolangatta/Gold Coast/Australia (9 wins/13 games); German Champion.
2009 Participant at the Singles WC in Betmar/Florida/USA (Rank 13); German vice-Champion
2010 Member of the German Men’s Team at the Team WC in Hohenroda/Hessen/Germany (8 wins/10 games)
Sebastian was ranked 2nd at the German Ranking and 13th at the World Ranking at time this fact sheet prepared.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAParticipant at the Singles WC in Dieppe, NB, finished in 8th place.  Later in the same year, 2011, he became the German Masters Champion for the 3rd time.  (click on pix to expand)

2012 Seattle, 31st ISA World Championship; won 7 of his 10 Games.

4 Sebastian and StanIn December of 2011, Sebastian flew to Florida to participate in a 75 Point Florida State Tournament.  He teamed up with none other than Stan Williamson.

All Shufflers are looking forward to the 32nd ISA World Championships where once again they can share their stories AND compete on the courts against one of Germany’s finest and most respected shufflers!!

Stan McCormack.   2013 08 27.





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5 Responses to More St Petes Competitors. Sebastian Runge On Stage!!

  1. Jim Allen says:

    Looking forward to sharing a few laughs, a few beers, and a great experience with Sebastion, and all of the German shufflers in St Pete! See you soon!


  2. Thanks dear Stan for this great “Shuffleboard biography”… most of the biographies are written for persons who are dead… I’m definitely not (yet)!
    Looking forward to meet all of you in St.Pete for “a few laughs, a few beer” very soon!


  3. Myrna Bilton says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and your family Sebastian
    Have a safe trip
    Rendall & Myrna


  4. says:

    I first met Sebastian in Lakeside- we played on opposite ends!!


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