Would You Like to Read About Our Trip to China?


One Year Ago, on August 29th, 2012, Lois and I set off for China.   No one will be surprised that I wrote about our trip.  As we have had so many new subscribers to the blog, I thought it would be instructive to explain HOW TO ACCESS these opinions and pix in some RATIONAL MANNER!!  I never said it was easy, at least until you get used to it!! lol  I said it is rational.

I am suggesting that you look for the word CHINA in the Categories list.  Click and when the window opens, you will see at the top of the page: Category Archives: CHINA.  Not surprisingly you are now at the end of the trip > Days 14 and 15. Do not access this Story, BUT rather scroll down this page, observing the titles as you go.  After 10 titles, the page stops: BUT you will see, in fine print, the words “Older Posts” , bottom left.  Click on these words.   NOW scroll down until you come to the heading Our China Adventure.      Click AND when window opens, read as much or as little as interests you!!  HOWEVER; here is the essential element.  To maintain that rational manner (see para 1) WHENEVER you decide you have had enough of this posting, CLICK the large RETURN AERROW, very top left of your screen.  Continue doing this until you see, once more, the stories listed by days.  Use this same process as you move from Day to Day.

Please do me a favour AND tell me how you made out!!  Leave your observation, question in the Comments section.

Stan McCormack.  2013 08 29.

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