On Stage With Bernar Borges!!

For this portion of On Stage, the Brazilian Competitors, I thought I would present in some detail some interesting facts about each player!  The Brazilians have been competing since 1997, their first at Hendersonville NC.  Many of us know them quite well, however; if you are like me, it is both interesting and enjoyable to review their bios!!  Remember, to locate these and other On Stage personnel, enter the words On Stage into the Search Rectangle and click on Search.  Do Enjoy!!!  Stan

Bernar BorgesBernar Borges is a 23-years-old college student of Actuarial Science, also living in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.  In January 2005, at the young age of only 14, Luiz Pimentel introduced him to shuffleboard, and Bernar immediately became his prodigy.  His father, Antonio Borges, was then the vice-president of the AABB Club and convinced its Board to Host the 2005 World Shuffleboard Championship in Brazil that September.  Antonio also started practicing the game on Luis Pimentel’s court and Bernar followed in his father’s footsteps, and took lessons with the Pro’s as often as he could.  Bernar caught on fast and surprisingly all discovered that he had an outstanding eye-to-hand coordination; a valuable asset to have in this game. Bernar, at 17, competed in his first World Shuffleboard Championship in Midland, Canada, in 2007, and garnished the title as the Top Brazilian finisher with 9.5 wins and the Brazilian team finished 3rd, a mere 1/2 point in front of Team  Germany thanks to Bernar.  Bernar was the recipient of the ISA Sportsmanship award in 2007.  He also competed in the 2010 World Shuffleboard Championship in Germany, finishing in a 3-way-tie for Best Brazilian Finisher along with seasoned Pro’s Hernani Barcellos and Michael Zellner, and in 2011 Bernar to the utmost surprise of players from every nation present, finished in a spectacular 3rd place taking home the Bronze Medal from the 2011 ISA World Shuffleboard Singles of Dieppe, Canada.  Bernar was also a member of the ISA Handpicked Delegation that travelled to Lithuania for 5 days in July of 2012, to perform demonstrations of shuffleboard at the international sporting event, TAFISA Games.   Bernar is a very accurate, skillful and calm player Never, repeat Never, to be taken lightly on the court.

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