On Stage from Brazil; Delson Caldas!

Delson CaldasDelson Caldas is a 60-year-old Oil Platform Engineer from Petrobras, living in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro.  Accompanying his brother PRO Pedro Caldas to the World Championship in Germany in 2010, Delson immediately fell in love with the game and started playing on Luiz Pimentel’s court, 2 times per week as soon as he returned.  Delson quickly managed to qualify for a position on the Brazilian National Team headed to the 2011 World Shuffleboard Championship the following year in Dieppe, Canada. He is a very communicative person and, although he doesn’t speak too much English, was heard preaching “I love you” throughout the 5-day event and not surprisingly was voted the most charismatic Brazilian player by the leaders of the foreign nations and carried home the coveted “ISA Sportsmanship Award”.   If he doesn’t conquer you on the court, he will conquer your heart for sure.

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