Hendersonville NC; Additional Information by Bob Weber

NC Mens State Singles Champion:  Warren King (from Texas)NC Ladies State Singles Champion:  Lynda King (from Texas)NC Mens State Doubles Champions:  Joe Garcia and Phil Harrison (Lee County, FL) NC Ladies State Doubles Champions:  Ellen Hensley and Carole Lett (Hendersonville)

Joe Cote US Eastern Singles Ch.National Mens Singles Champion:  Joe Cote (Lee County, FL) The National Men’s Singles took 3 days to complete.

National Ladies Singles Champion:  Lynda King (Texas) Lynda King US Eastern Nat Singles Ch.

National Mens Doubles Champions:  Al Buffum (Cape Cod) and Jay Fitzpatrick (Hendersonville).

E Ch. Women's Dbls. Ellen Hensley & Wilma RudolphNational Ladies Doubles Champions:  Ellen Hensley (Hendersonville – 10th National Title) and Wilma Rudolph (Texas – 25th National Title) 

Lynda King winning both the State and National Singles Championships was very impressive.  Both Finals were all Texas affairs.  Lynda beat Sandi Quinn in the NC Singles Championship and she beat Wilma Rudolph in the National Championship.

National Mixed Doubles will start on September 9th.  

I think more and more players are learning how nice it is to play shuffleboard in Hendersonville, NC in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains during the summer with absolutely no chance of rain-outs because of our covered courts.  This article sent along by Bob Weber!  Our Thanks.  

To read other articles we have posted with regard to Hendersonville, enter the word Hendersonville in the Search Rectangle and hit Search.  Enjoy.

And now, to support Bob Weber’s assertion in his last paragraph, above, here is an article by Sandi Quinn, written in 2004!!  Sandi’s General Article on Hend. NC (very good)   Good Shuffling; Stan McCormack.  2013 09 07.

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