On Stage From Norway; Fridtjof Gjelseth

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis young man, Fridtjof Gjelseth of Norway, played 9 games and won 9 games! Fridtjof was a member of the United Nations Youth Team during the 31st ISA World Championships. 2012 08 06 to 2012 08 10.  I will try NOT to remember this when/if I play Fridtjof in St Petersburg!!

No other player, man or woman, went the entire Seattle tournament without losing a game. Our congratulations to Fridtjof.  At the Awards Banquet when I took this pic, I asked Fridtjof to send along to me a short story describing his emotional high when he realized the significance of his achievement. He indicated that he would but perhaps we lost something in the exchange. No article has been received. Should his article arrive I will gladly add it to this posting.  (Remember to click on the pic to expand.

Should you wish to see all “On Stage” players, enter the words On Stage in the search rectangle and hit Search.

AND while we are speaking of Perfect Records, let’s have a look at some who have preceded this “Oh So Young Man”!!  Click: DID YOU KNOW (article by Earl Ball)

Stan McCormack. 2013 09 08

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