We Honoured Our CNSA Past Presidents


This article is from my archives.  I repeat it now as many of the Past Presidents are well known in ISA circles by reason of being the Canadian serving President. Roy Norman, 3rd from  left, along with wife Doreen, will both be participating in  the 32nd ISA in St Petersburg this October.

Stan speaks: I saw this event as an opportunity for Canadian Shufflers to recognize, to thank, and to pay tribute to the Past Presidents of the CNSA.  I was not disappointed.  From left to right, above, we have Frank Willson, 1987 to 1992; Catherine McCreery, 1992 to 1996; Roy Norman, 1996 to 2000; Al Weeks, 2000 to 2004; John Weston, 2004 to 2006.  All the Presidents shown above in the photo were inducted into our newly created CNSA Hall of Fame!!  It proved to be an auspicious beginning for this significant part of our Canadian Shuffleboard culture.  If you wish to read the Bios of each of the above Presidents, as well as those of all other Presidents who have served, click here:  http://www.cnsahof.org/ 

This event, the President’s Dinner, was part of a grand evening where all past presidents except two, our first, Jack House, and our 2nd , Glen Peltier were unable to attend.  For the record Jack was alive, but unable to be present.

The event took place in Blackstock, ON, in conjunction with the AGM of the CNSA, and the 2nd Annual Spring Fling, an event hosted and sponsored by the Scugog Shuffleboard Club and endorsed by the CNSA. 

A “grand evening” requires a grand hall, and we were successful in arranging for the Township Hall which connected directly to the Blackstock Arena where the Blackstock (Scugog) Club shuffled!!   This is the same Hall where we lunched and celebrated the 1st Spring Fling, in May of 2005.  The dates for the 2nd Annual Spring Fling were May 30th, and May 31st, 2006. The Hall was sufficiently large to accommodate all Spring Fling Participants, all Past Presidents as well as any family members or special guests the Past Presidents invited.  Truly, it met our requirements for a Grand Hall. Round tables seating 8; atmosphere terrific!!   

Back to my “Grand Evening Theme”!!  Vice President Tate & I had had some discussion on the evening. (I will use the “Royal We”, but I want you to know that Max did not commit the CNSA to anything). We saw the Scugog Club as the prime organizers and hosts for this first “President’s Dinner”.  Sponsors of the Spring Fling purchased and presented an appropriate pin to the Past Presidents; sponsors covered the cost of the dinners served to each President and 1 companion. The Scugog Club arranged for suitable accommodation, (arrange does not include paying for), arranged for the dinner, and covered the cost of renting the Grand Hall.

You may also wish to check out this Slide Show: http://photopeach.com/album/17ov8se

Stan McCormack.  2013 09 09.

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