St Petersburg Club; Host for the 3rd and 32nd ISA World Championships


Ladies and Gentlemen this is our Banquet Hall for the 32nd ISA, in the Coliseum, adjacent the Shuffleboard Courts!!   It will be a night to remember!!  It will be the Shuffleboard Event of a Lifetime!! Remember, you can obtain banquet tickets even if you are not playing.  Hurry!!  Contact Jim Allen at :

The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club at Mirror Lake was organized in December 1924 as the first shuffleboard club in Florida; however, Mr. and Mrs. Ball played shuffleboard in Daytona Beach on the sidewalk in front of their hotel in 1913. Shuffleboard was also played at the Sunshine Pleasure Club on 2nd Ave., South, St. Petersburg in 1917 but was only a tourist club. When the club was forced out in 1962 to make way for a high rise building, 142 members joined the St. Petersburg Club and brought with them their grand stand, piano, coffee urn, etc.

In 1924 the dues at the St. Petersburg Club were 25 cents. First place prize was a ten cent pin which was passed on to the next winner. In 1931 the club had 72 courts, later they had 107 and now 74 since section 4 courts were given to the Senior Center for parking.

The St. Petersburg Club has been popular with District, State and National tournament shufflers. The Yuletide Singles, both Amateur and P1 have been played since 1939. The St Petersburg Independent also for many years. The club’s tournaments have had outstanding sponsors such Beulah and Harold Dunbar who sponsored the Sunshine City Doubles since 1962, the Dunbar Masters since 1965 and for several years the National Singles and Doubles. General Telephone sponsored Statewide for five years and Burger King sponsored the former Independent tournament for four years.

In 1974 the St. Petersburg Club observed its 50th Anniversary. In 1972 the National Officers moved the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame from W. Palm Beach to the St. Petersburg Club. First Vice President Lou Tuma designed a building by using two mobile units, 10′ by 36′ instead of plans for a conventional cinder block structure. This saved a great deal of labor as well as a saving of $4,500.00. George Merz of Hollywood, Fla. was Curator and he made every picture frame, trophy holder case, stand, etc. that display over 100 items making up the National Hall of Fame Exhibit. He was ably assisted by his wife Lillian who was his Secretary.

The St. Petersburg Club is located in a recreational and educational complex area. The Mirror Lake Library is across third avenue, Mirror Lake High School is just West of the club as is the Tomlinson Education Center. The St. Petersburg Lawn Bowling is next door and so is the Multi Services Senior Center. The Coliseum Dance Hall is across 4th avenue.

Officers of the St. Petersburg Club:

President                            Robert “Bob” Klein

1st Vice President                   Ed Ascott

2nd Vice President                   Tom Young

3rd Vice President                   O. J. Hochgfang

Recording Secretary                  Julia Donaldson

Financial Secretary                  Nell Jenkins

The Officers and Members of the St. Petersburg Club look forward to hosting the International Shuffleboard Tournament on Oct. 3,4,5,6,7, 198

The above compiled by Lou Tuma.

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