On Stage, German Shuffler Birgitt Hussmann!!

birgitthussmannBirgitt Hussmann (52, lives in Langenselbold, housewife), founding member and treasurer of the GSA, German Champion 2009, has competed in 5 ISA events since 2006, 3 times best female national finisher, 2 times Captain of the German Team, elected as ISA Hall of Fame member in 2013.   

I am now going to insert a message from Birgitt in December of 2009. I am also going to include a commentary e-mail I wrote at that time, a commentary on her win.  Birgitt speaks: “Dear Shuffleboard Friends Around the World!  I would like to say thank you for all your congrats and kind words for winning the German Nationals 2009. (See Article Below)
And yes, I am very proud of it and more of that, I am proud, that it is a woman who won. So especially for the girls: Everything is possible! Shuffleboard is a great sport and gives the opportunity to be a member of a wonderful community with lovable people.  I am very thankful that I had (and I hope I will still have) the chance to compete with Shufflers from around the world, not only in International Tournaments, but also in Club Tournaments or just for fun like during the famous Friday Night Shuffle in St. Pete.
Hope to see you in Germany 2010.  Birgitt Hussmann      2009-12-12

Stan speaks: Shufflers are moved in a particular way when they hear of a fellow shuffler winning a significant shuffleboard event!!  This is especially true when it is an International Event > witness Jim Bailey winning the “World Championship”; it is equally moving, perhaps more so to remember and reflect upon the win by Sachiyo Takada who placed 1st in that same World Singles. We now are informed that another woman, this time in Germany, has placed 1st in their National Shuffleboard Championship.  That woman is Birgitt Hussmann who topped the ladder while competing against a tough field, a field of Men and Women, Germany’s best!!  Germany does not separate the Men from the Women in shuffleboard.

The Men have been the traditional winners in the 4 years Germany has held such an event, but 2009 turned out to be Birgitt’s year!!  All Shufflers salute her on the occasion of this significant achievement!!!

The Shuffler celebrates the win not because it was a woman who won >> after all, Shuffleboard is a game of skill, a game of strategy, and finally a game of hand-eye co-ordination!!!   Brawn and physical size are not determining factors!!    The male species learned a long time ago that women are at least our equal in these categories!!!  All Shufflers congratulate Birgitt on her many successes in Shuffleboard, a success which will be formally recognized in St Petersburg on the evening of 2013 10 23 as she is formally inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame.

Stan McCormack.  2013 09 27.

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