On Stage, Japanese Shuffler Toshio Kohda.

JPN Toshia KohdaMy name is Toshio Kohda. This is my fifth year since I started shuffleboard.  I was trained strictly but kindly by the members. Thanks to that, I could win the championship at the Kosai Cup held in April this year. This is my fourth tournament this year in Florida. I try my best for the game so that I do not have to regret. In my school days, I practiced “kyudo (archery)” which is one of the Japanese martial arts. Having acquired mental concentration and Japanese manners, I obtained a rank of third-dan. Although my friends still ask me out for kyudo, I would rather pursue shuffleboard which I could encounter. I would like to continue sharing good time with players from around the world, in good health. JA Toshio Kohda

We now insert a pic of Toshio taken in Germany during the 29th ISA Team Event, 2010.  And another of Toshio enjoying a glass of wine in the company of Reiko and Sachiyo. This pic taken in Dieppe, NB during the 2011 Dieppe Singles Event. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here is yet another pic of Toshio, this time with a number of women, one of them sporting a Japanese Kimino!!  Pic and story.

Please remember to click on pic to expand.  Also, if you wish to see other shufflers identified in this series, enter the words “On Stage” into the search rectangle and hit search.  Stan McCormack.  2013 09 27.

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