JPN 30 Years Cel.

I think it appropriate to include this article as we conclude the Japanese bios.  Japan, one of the 3 Founding Nations, has steadfastly supported Shuffleboard.  No nation has worked harder to ensure constant representation, and constant support to the ISA.  As Sachiyo points out in this report below, there were years when Japan experienced difficulties.  Japan overcame these difficulties and to-day their participation rate is terrific, their support is terrific.  Sachiyo also references the glorious record of the Japanese Women in Coolangatta, Australia in 2008 when they took First Place.   All of Japan celebrated, but probably no more than the other participating nations!!  We were “Oh So Happy”!!  Stan McCormack.  2013 09.

Here is the Celebration Article by The Chief Executive Officer of the day, Sachiyo Takada. 2009-02-01.

It is my heartfelt pleasure that Japan National Shuffleboard Association (JNSA) has marked its 30th anniversary this year.

Now I am looking back on the history of JNSA, which was founded by Mr. Hikotaro Tagawa and Mr. Yoshio Kosai in 1979 and has been guided until now through considerable efforts by them as well as many other senior members including the former president Mr. Kitamura.  I also thank all its members for their cooperation and activities to support the association. Two international tournaments were held (in 1968 and 1999) in Yokohama during that time (I feel grateful to many volunteers for their cooperation), and in recent years we are gradually having new participants join in our tournaments, monthly meetings and practice meetings.

As for International Tournaments, although there were some years when we had difficulty team formation. International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) has taken part in every tournament since the first one established by three countries, the United States, Canada, and Japan.  At the “27th ISA Tournament” held in Australia in 2008, the Japanese Women’s Team won the Tournament for our first victory, which has become JNSA’s glorious record.  We earned tribute from participating countries.  It is a respectable example of challenge, challenge, and challenge!!  The achievement of the Japanese Team accomplished through these efforts has such a great value.”

I believe that Japan’s shuffleboard has steadily improved its skills through day-to-day practice and experience.  We are now trying to make progress step by step as a unit in this first year after the organizational reform so that we can get back on track. I would like to express my cordial gratitude to all the members for their cooperation.  Let’s make a toast to this profound wonderful game of shuffleboard which men and women, young and old, can all enjoy together under the sun! I would like to continue the activities in hope for the members’ good health and to have new friends join us.

Chief Executive Officer, Sachiyo Takada on the occasion of the JNSA’s Celebration of 30 years of Shuffleboard in Japan.

First posted in THE SHUFFLER on 2009 02 01. Click here for more pix:

Stan McCormack.  2013 09 27.

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