On Stage, Japanese Shuffler Kazuomi Suzuki!!!

JPN Kajuomi SuzukiMy name is Kazuomi Suzuki, 77 years old. I was born and brought up in Yokohama. After I retired, I met shuffleboard and became hooked on this sport, so I joined JNSA with my wife and now belong to FTSC. I have played in eleven ISA tournaments and one inaugural in England so far. My hobbies are shuffleboard, gardening and traveling. While I am not a good shuffler, gardening gives me a relaxing moment because there is no need to concern others and I can also enjoy growing plants. Traveling gives me new discoveries and let me feel excitement with eyes and ears. Until now I have visited more than 25 countries.

Stan speaks: Kazuomi, above says:  “While I am not a good shuffler”. Always be very careful with players that tell you that; lol. I was playing Kazuomi in Mesa, AZ in 2004 and at the end of the game, I had the lower score!!

Suzuki in MiddleHere is an excerpt from an article I wrote and posted in The Shuffler at that time: “Day 3 From the ISA in MESA, ARIZONA!!  Hot is the operative word to-day, and this time I am not talking about the shots the players are executing!!  My Japanese opponent, (in the centre of pic) Kazuomi Suzuki, gave me a small thermometer as the “exchange gift”.  We decided to set it directly in the sun as that is precisely where we were sitting, right in the sun!!  The needle buried itself, off the scale.  The scale ended at 50 degrees Celsius, (122F) That would be the temp of our exposed skin.  We set the thermometer in the shade and it went to a cool 36 degrees Celsius, (96F).  Just think: How many of us would have absolutely refused to work in conditions such as these when we were much younger??  Who said we gain wisdom with age??? “  2004 03 07. 

Stan McCormack.  2013 08 28.

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