Talk About A Great Shot!! A One in a Lifetime!!

Earl Ball CD HOF pixPete_Lothrop_3
And just in case you are wondering, Earl’s Shamrock DID HIM NO GOOD!!!
Earl Speaks:  “Have you ever seen a 53 point shot!
Well Pete Lothrop of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club dropped one on me this morning.  I had 15 on the board.  The 7 was hidden and the 8 was half hidden, I also had 2 of Pete’s in the kitchen.  He wound up and fired.  When the smoke cleared he had an 8, both of my scores were gone, both of his were out of the kitchen and I was in the kitchen.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many points scored on one shot and I been playing since 1995; 18 years.”
Earl    (2013 09 28)
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2 Responses to Talk About A Great Shot!! A One in a Lifetime!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    I want that man on my team at whatever cost it takes! Tell me why don’t I see his name on the USANSA Players list for St. Petersburg?


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