Yes We Can; We Can Fill The Grandstand!!

GRANDSTANDThe photo to your left is of the grandstand at Mirror Lake, St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club.   The photo above is indicative of the support, of the participation rate that Shuffleboard enjoyed during this period!!  I believe, note that, I believe this pic was taken circa 1952.

Let’s see if during the 32nd ISA World Championship, we can demonstrate to the world that Shuffleboard to-day is relevant!!!  May I suggest to you that you get together with friends and pay a visit to the World’s Largest Shuffleboard Club, and indeed the longest running Shuffleboard Club?  Competition will begin about noon on Monday, October 21st and continue until Friday afternoon on October 25th.  Come with your group of friends!  We will take your Group pic sitting in the Grandstand, and see that you get a digital copy!!  Ask for Onsite Photographer David Martin.  There is no admission charge. The address to enter into your GPS is: 559 Mirror Lake Drive North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

The ISA (International Shuffleboard Association) HOF (Hall of Fame) Banquet will be on Wednesday night; it will be held in the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront Hotel.   The ISA Awards Banquet will be held on Friday night; it will be held in the Coliseum, adjacent the Shuffleboard courts.  Tickets for either of these significant events are available. Contact Jim Allen

Be a part of Shuffleboard History!! This 32nd ISA event is being held in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in the state of Florida. Demonstrate YOUR support and show up!!!

Stan McCormack, 2013 09 29.

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1 Response to Yes We Can; We Can Fill The Grandstand!!

  1. Jim says:

    Another opportunity for shufflers to be involved with this event is to be present for the Opening Ceremonies on Monday, Oct 21st at 9 am. The Olympic style entrance – marching behind each country flag and hearing the national anthems is impressive. The Mayor of St Pete — Mr. Bill Foster will welcome everyone to the city, and of course the first matches start at 10:30 am.


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