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32nd ISA: Pix of Board Meeting.

As you will observe, the ISA Board is served a light lunch prior to the commencement of the Meeting. As the title indicates, this is exclusively the pix of the Meeting.  We will make one announcement only:  The CSC (Clearwater … Continue reading

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This Is Shuffleboard!! (32nd ISA)

What a Wonderful Picture!  What a Wonderful Message! The Message Is: This is Shuffleboard at the International Level!!  From left to right we have: Kieko Sakuto; Glenna Earle and Sachiyo Takada.  This is Kieko’s 23rd International Tournament!!  Sachiyo has participated … Continue reading

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32nd ISA Hall of Fame Banquet:

First let me explain, and apologize for not having satisfactory pix of the HOF.  If you have a more acceptable pic or pix, please send them along.  Stan Pic to your left is of Dieter (Hussmann) pinning Birgitt.  Click on pix … Continue reading

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100th Anniversary Committee Recognized by ISA

Happy Birthday Movie by Michael Zellner; posted by Jim Allen:  A MUST SEE!! Immediately following Dinner at the Awards Banquet, 2013 10 25, on both overhead screens, the video below (see link) was displayed as Phil Rebholz, FSA President; Gus … Continue reading

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32nd ISA: Lifetime Achievement Award, Sandy Myers

Sandy Myers, father of the Internet as applicable to the ISA and the FSA; Executive Vice President of the ISA; inventor of the Roll Out Court and strong supporter of Shuffleboard in Canada and Internationally.  Youtube video by Jim Allen.  To read … Continue reading

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CSC: Clearwater Shuffleboard Club Supported St Petes!!

The huge success of the St Petes 32nd ISA was due in no small part to the large number of volunteers needed to make the event the success that it was.  St Petersburg Club received strong support from the CSC (Clearwater Shuffleboard … Continue reading

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You Too Can Promote Shuffleboard!! **

Coldwater Player takes 4th in the Worlds Shuffleboard Championships There must be something about living in Tiny that pushes sports enthusiast to become champions.  The World Champion of Curling, Glen Howard, resides in Tiny as does Doris Bumstead, and although … Continue reading

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32nd ISA: John Barnett Jr. Receives The Lifetime Achievement Award!!

Yoshiko Suzuki offered the supporting remarks for John Barnett Jr.  John was the ISA President from 1996 to 2000 and received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Awards Banquet in St Petersburg on 2013 10 25.  John was unable to … Continue reading

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Russian Delegation attends the 32nd ISA!!

The Russian delegation experienced difficulty with Visas, and accordingly did not arrive until late Sunday evening.  Shown above is the complete delegation.  The gentleman on your extreme right worked in America and spoke English. The 2nd man from your right … Continue reading

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Chris Kelly Sends His Greetings!!

Stan – It was great to see you on Monday, and wished I’d had the chance to see you during the big event Friday night, when the Club was bristling with activity. I didn’t get as much time at the … Continue reading

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