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Another Successful Davis Memorial at Avon Park.

Each year Dick Davis, son of Clara and George Davis above, sponsors a Shuffleboard Event at the Avon Park Courts. The event in 2013 was  well attended and MUCH ENJOYED; all courts but one were in use. Club President Don … Continue reading

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Roll of Champions!! Monday at Lakeland!!

The FSA Roll of Champions is determined each year by the number of State Tournament points you receive for that season.  It is divided into Men and Women.  If you place 1-8 in the state, you get a GOLD PIN.  … Continue reading

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Promoting Shuffleboard In the Local Newspaper!!

The Article Below is taken from the Lindsay Post during the summer of 2006.    It is an example of what is possible to ensure SHUFFLEBOARD is out there, being exposed to those who read newspapers.!! Lindsay’s Stan and Lois McCormack are hoping … Continue reading

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I now have Yahoo Mail working!!!  Please revert to sending e-mail TO > Stan McCormack.  2013 11 27 20:36

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Our Japanese Shuffleboard Friends! A Great Picture!!

What a great picture!! Each of the above Japanese Shufflers participated in the 32nd ISA World Championship Event of October 2013 at St Petersburg FL. Although the pic above displays the Japanese at their traditional “Japanese Best”, i.e. polite and … Continue reading

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Trivia Pursuit; Good Fun; Good Prizes; and Good For Shuffleboard!!

Shufflers: Here was the Skill Testing Question:  “In the 1950s a group of Florida Shufflers flew to what foreign country to give exhibitions and promote shuffleboard” — 1 England 2 Cuba 3 Germany 4 Ireland?? The correct answer was #2 Cuba.   For the 3rd … Continue reading

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I am experiencing difficulty with Yahoo Mail.  My account has been blocked.  Accordingly I have not received any e-mails sent to me via Yahoo (  since Tuesday morning. To get a message to me, please use this e-mail until further … Continue reading

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More About the Brown Family! We Take You Back In Time!! To a Good Time!! Brown vs. Ball in the CD Masters!!

C A N  Y O U  B E L I E V E  I T????     IN 2007 Central District President Larry Brown who went into his 1st Central District Pro “Masters” just hoping not to be shut out (could easily … Continue reading

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          RUTHIE QUALIFIES FOR THE FSA HALL OF FAME!! Shuffleboard presents so many “golden moments”!! (See pic from 2005) If ever the statement “A pix is worth a thousand words” had an application, it is here!!  2005 was Ruth’s 1st … Continue reading

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A Great Pic From The Past!!

Photo above is of the Winners of a State Tournament at Winter’s Park in Zephyrhills.  The Winners are shown in the first row > Joe Bussert on the left; Glenn Bosthwisch (sp) on the right.   That is Austin McDonald in … Continue reading

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