Trivia Pursuit; Good Fun; Good Prizes; and Good For Shuffleboard!!

Trivia - BBShufflers: Here was the Skill Testing Question:  “In the 1950s a
group of Florida Shufflers flew to what foreign country to give exhibitions and
promote shuffleboard” — 1 England 2 Cuba 3 Germany 4 Ireland??

The correct answer was #2 Cuba.   For the 3rd time in 4 weeks all 3 answers given were wrong and the silent 4th person Linda Rebholz won by default!!

Kenny Offenther and Colleen Austin continue to come up with some great questions >> directly related to Shuffleboard!!  Shufflers; you have not been paying attention to the BLOG > ???  Kenny Offenther himself upon presenting the MVP posthumously to Mark Brashares, gave all of us the correct answer!!  Enter the word Cuba into the search rectangle and hit search to see the correct answer.  (Click on pix to expand)

Good Shuffling Folks!!!  Stan McCormack.  2013 11 27

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1 Response to Trivia Pursuit; Good Fun; Good Prizes; and Good For Shuffleboard!!

  1. Gus Bondi says:

    The trivia pursuit is a great idea.On the split tournaments,why not have the same question read at each tournament to get more people involved. Just my thoughts

    Gus Bondi

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