Ken Offenther will Host His Last Trivia Pursuit!!

Ken Offenther 2009 WSAt Bradenton on December 26th 2013, Ken Offenther, our host of Trivia Pursuit will MC the final “show”!!  Do not despair; He will be offering DOUBLE THE PRIZE MONEY!!  Ken has made a significant contribution to the 100th Anniversary Program!  His prime contribution was the creation and management of the MVP Program; the Most Valuable Person Program.  Trivia Pursuit was an extension to complete the anniversary year, 2013.   Ken was a natural at doing research, a skill that he made good use of earlier in his life.   Many Shufflers do not know that Ken was a five time, undefeated Champion on “Wheel of Fortune”!!  You just may wish to obtain his autograph!!  Thanks Ken!!

On Dec 16th at Lee County the question was:  “In 1943 how Trivia, LCSC 2013 12 16many FSA state tournaments were there?  Possible answers: a) 0; b) 6;  c) 11;  d) 17.  The correct answer was a) 0 as during most of the WW2 period, there were no State Tournaments – the first 2 people answered incorrectly- I now give you a pic of Ken; and the Winning Individual Gloria McLaughlin !!

If you have an interest in just who was awarded the “MVP”, enter MVP into the search rectangle and hit search!!  Remember, we only display 10 on any one page. To see the next 10, click on “Older posts” , lower left hand side.

Stan McCormack, Chair 100th Anniversary Committee.  2013 12 19.

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2 Responses to Ken Offenther will Host His Last Trivia Pursuit!!

  1. Ann Cowern says:

    Where is Gloria Mc Caughlin from? Is it Sarnia, Ontario, Quebec, Canada?


  2. Ann Cowern says:

    Correction on name of champion Gloria McClaughlin Is Gloria Mc Claughlin from Sarnia, Ontario
    Quebec, Canada?


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