Coldwater Club Celebrates Christmas!!

Each year in October the Shuffleboard Club in  Coldwater Ontario Canada moves from the Curling Arena where they have  16 courts painted on the concrete surface. Reason; they must make way  for the the ice and the stars of the Curling World with the likes of Sherry  Medaugh.  Cold Dishes good
The winter Shuffleboard program starts up again in the auditorium of  the Coldwater Community Center within a week or two of moving  and they play on roll out mats.
The participation during the winter is fantastic reports  Club President George O’Reilly . There is shuffleboard twice a day every Tue and  the Early Bird draw starts at 9:00 am and runs until noon.
Many of the players return to join in with the  afternoon session after a hearty lunch at the Legion next door. 
Cold Winter DinnerEach year at Christmas the players have a pot luck  dinner with all the trimmings, and this year was no exception.
 Many of the players dressed up in Christmas fashion,  but warm sweaters and hats are the norm when braving the cold weather outdoors  where the temp has been hovering around -15 below C for several days now and no  less than 2 ft of snow on the ground.
George says he has a fantastic group of people who work  very hard to have fun with the game of shuffleboard and also take time to  enjoy the fellowship of others.
Many of the Coldwater players spend their winters in  Florida or Arizona , but for those who do not go away, there is always  shuffleboard in Coldwater to keep them busy.
Coldwater will once again be hosting the CNSA Any Doubles  tournament and AGM starting May 27 thru to the 29th. Amateurs begin on Tue and  Experts begin on Wed .  There is always great food and big prize  money.
Thanks Coldwater for sending this along.  (Click on pix to expand).  To read more about Coldwater Activities, enter the word Coldwater into the search rectangle and hit search!!  2013 12 20.
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