The 100th Anniversary Celebrations are About to End.

EM 100th_Logo (2)During this past year, the 100th Anniversary Committee has done their best to bring Shuffleboard to the attention of as many people as possible.  We did so with the hope and expectation that such attention, such exposure, would result in increased participation in the activity readers of this BLOG love so dearly!!

In reality, to increase participation, we must do more than attract the attention and interest of our BLOG readers.  We must attract the attention and interest of those NOT NOW shuffling!!  The items we offered for sale during this past year were a step in that direction.  Our T-Shirts; our Mugs; our Banner; our Calendars were all items that Shufflers and Non shufflers will come into contact with.  Our Logo, top left, was widely used, widely displayed on websites and correspondence!! Our Period Dress events, the items we had in the local press, ALL HELPED TO GET THE MESSAGE OUT!!

I want to thank Glen Peltier who as FSA President invited me to the 2012 FSA Board Spring Meeting to advance my proposal with regard to the 100th Year Celebration.

I want to thank, and congratulate the President and Organizing Committee of the 32nd ISA event held in St Petersburg this October.  They “Celebrated History” while making it!!  They had the wisdom, the foresight, and the energy to Celebrate International Shuffleboard AND the 100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard, to the mutual benefit of both!!  Can anyone recall a period when SHUFFLEBOARD received as much Media attention?? 

It is always risky to list names in such circumstances.  Having said that, I will take the risk. For the ISA (International Shuffleboard Association), we have President Michael Zellner; Jim and Beth Allen who served on both ISA Committees and on the St Petersburg Club; event Treasurer Mark Goheen and St Petersburg Club President Christine Page.  I am sure there were many others in support, and I thank them as well.  I will now give you the names of the 100th Anniversary Committee, the group that conceived of the Anniversary; the group that helped in the birth.  Before I do, I want you to know that the Committee had in every District, capable, enthusiastic, hardworking individuals who sold our product. WE, the Committee thank them: CTL, Ruth and Larry Brown; SWC, Ron Nurnberger; SEC, Ken Offenther; WCD, Frank Niziolek; NOR, Bob Robinson; CEC Dick Stonecipher; SOU, Colleen Austin.

And now to the 100th Anniversary Committee: Dorothy Wagasky; Ken Offenther; Colleen Austin; Jim Allen; and Chair Stan McCormack.

I wish to thank webmasters who did their part to support the 100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in the State of Florida.  In this regard, one of the very best presentations of the 100th Anniversary is on Chuck Moulton’s Site: Click:

Finally: On this BLOG, IF YOU CLICK ON THE CATEGORY “100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard” you will have access to 130 articles dealing with the 100th Anniversary.  GOOD SHUFFLING as we go forward into 2014.

Stan McCormack.  2013 12 27.

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