A Great Ending by Ken Offenther and Colleen Austin!!

EM 100th_Logo (2)Trivia  PromoFinal Trivia Show; Another Success!!  Ken and Colleen end it with Style and Class!!  Thanks to them both!!

For the final Show at Bradenton, the question was:  What important event happened in 1960?  Contestants were from left to right: Cecile Messier, Jay Fitzpatrick, Wendy Griffin and Steve Biagi.

1-the first state tournament in Bradenton?  2- the first preview book?  3- the first hof class was inducted  4- mike marquis graduated from elementary school on his 3rd try — the correct answer was  3.

Shuffleboard_TrCECILE,  WENDY & STEVE BIAGIKen and Colleen made special thanks of a dvd that was given to the committee to give as a prize in shuffleboard trivia!!  It is called The do’s and dont’s of shuffleboard etiquette – [subtitled] please; silence on the courts! — The film was produced by Earl Ball.  (This evoked major laughter)!!!!

We gave 2 prizes to winner Wendy Griffin and 1 prize to the other players.  Pic of Wendy on your left.

To read all other Trivia Pursuit postings, enter the word Trivia into the search rectangle and hit search!!

With regard to the Correct Response by Wendy, info. below taken from my archives.  Stan

“WE SALUTE these men and women for being the first members of the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.

They were chosen by a Hall of Fame Committee at Sebring, Florida, October 31, 1959, and presented to the Association at a Banquet during the State Meeting in Little River, February 3, 1960. Grover Flint *; Olive McArthur *; Florence Spink *;   Pierce Gahan *;  Dwight Hubbard *”

Stan McCormack.  2013 12 30.

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1 Response to A Great Ending by Ken Offenther and Colleen Austin!!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thanks Ken & Colleen
    A Celebration well done!!


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